Scholz Park Museum

Scholz Park Museum
Torrens Road
Ph: 08 8847 2128

Located in the middle of Riverton, Scholz Park Museum is one of the comparatively few complete examples of the old, more leisurely way of life. It features the Scholz Family Cottage, a Blacksmith Shop and a Wheelwright Shop. A unique example of past history is featured in the Museum, which extends over 4 town allotments.

Opening times – At present, only the Cottage is open for viewing as both the Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shops are undergoing major repairs.

For further details, please contact John Glistak, mob. 0400 887 758 or email

A lot of hard work from the Scholz Park Museum Committee has seen some major progress in work carried out over the past several months. With most of the stonework completed along with the restoration of the Tyre Furnace almost complete, the museum is getting close to being open to the public once again. The quality of the stonework carried out by Peter Russell has resulted in a reduction of the amount of structural steel required so this part of the project is expected to be completed relatively soon. Electrical work will follow soon after.

Other work to the park in general includes new irrigation installed by the C&GV Council and new shrubs and trees planted around the Frederick Place side, our thanks go to Ross Kemp for his work on the gardens. Sadly the removal of the Lemon Scented Gum at the rear of the park was necessary.

Rob Furniss, with the help of some of the committee members has worked tirelessly on many of the projects around the park including the laying of the pavers donated by the C&GV Council. The new path will go a long way to providing an all weather access through the park particularly in winter.

Many thanks also need to go to the women on the committee who arrange and work the Fashion Parades and the Tea/Coffee/Scone stall at the monthly market. Of course thanks also go to the men who man the stall at the market and help out at the park as well.

A recent AGM saw the following officers elected for the Committee: Chairman Rob Furniss, Vice-Chairman Greg McLeod and Secretary/Treasurer John Glistak.

The Scholz Park committee has worked hard to gain awareness in the community and to raise the necessary funds for the project. We have a presence at the Riverton Market each month and we are always available if anyone would like further information.
Anyone who is willing to donate services or funds or would like further information is welcome to contact Jean Burns on 8847 2423 or Rob Furniss on 0411 887740.