Scholz Park Museum

Scholz Park Museum 
Torrens Road
Riverton SA 5412
Ph: 0401 944 372

Located in the middle of Riverton, Scholz Park Museum is one of the comparatively few complete examples of the old, more leisurely way of life. It features the Scholz Family Cottage, a Blacksmith Shop and a Wheelwright Shop. A unique example of past history is featured in the Museum, which extends over 4 town allotments.

Opening times – Open last Sunday of the month from 12 ’till 3 (or by appointment) with blacksmiths in attendance from March to November.

For further details, please contact the President, Greg McLeod, mob: 0401 944 372  or email:

In recent times, extensive restoration has taken place at the Museum with the Wheelwright and Blacksmith Shops receiving much of the attention; the Tyre Furnace was also restored. Lighting has been upgraded in both the Wheelwright and Blacksmith Shops. The rear garden bordering Frederick Place is developing very well through the work of Ross Kemp and the Riverton Volunteer Garden Group.

Rob Furniss, with the help of some of our untiring volunteer committee members, worked tirelessly on laying of the pavers, donated by C&GV Council, through the park.

Scholz Park Museum is about to commence Stage 2 of its Restoration Project. Among the works to be undertaken is (a) restoring and painting the interior of the Cottage, (b) a new Cottage roof, (c) a new Wheelwright Shop roof, and (d) replacement of a wall.

At the same time, a new footpath is being laid in front of the Museum. This work will also entail the provision of wheelchair access to the Cottage, setting up 2 small garden areas in front of the Cottage, and (c) levelling of the lawn area down to the footpath (including re-establishing the lawn).

Further works are planned e.g. extending the paving to other areas of the Park. Anyone who is willing to donate services or funds or would like further information is welcome to contact the President, Greg McLeod, mob. 0401 944 372 or email:


“Press your finger on the latch of the door and you will enter an age that is past, an era that has ended, the life-style of our grandparents and great grandparents. Even the latch is the work of my hands, lift it and discover my life and its works.”

The Challenge and The Triumph